TBEA Intranet

Case Study

Project Summary

TBEA, a prominent Chinese multinational and a leading transformer manufacturer, sought to enhance its internal operations and communications by developing a robust intranet solution. The goal was to streamline various processes, improve efficiency, and provide a centralized platform for employees to access essential tools and information.

Application Details and Features

The intranet solution for TBEA encompassed a wide range of modules and workflows to address the diverse needs of the organization:

  • Intranet: Providing access to company news, policies, and announcements.
  • Workflow: Automating various internal processes such as travel requests, reimbursements, and vendor management.
  • Help Desk: A centralized system for employees to raise and track support requests.
  • Asset Management: Tracking and managing company assets efficiently.
  • CRM: Managing customer relationships throughout the sales cycle.
  • Enterprise Task: Managing tasks and projects across the organization.
  • BG & LC: Handling bank guarantee and letter of credit processes.
  • Bidding Portal: Facilitating vendor registration, tendering, and reverse auctions.
  • Suggestions: Providing a platform for employees to submit suggestions and ideas.
  • Career: Managing employee career development and job postings.
  • Litigation: Handling legal cases and documentation.
  • Quiz: Conducting quizzes for training and knowledge assessment.
  • Survey: Conducting surveys to gather feedback and insights.
  • Mobile App: Offering mobile access to intranet features.


  • Requirement Understanding: Understanding the intricate business processes and their interlinkages across various departments was a crucial and challenging aspect of the project. Ensuring that the intranet solution catered to the specific needs of each department while maintaining overall coherence and efficiency required thorough analysis and collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Complex Workflows: Integrating more than 40 workflows into the system required careful planning and implementation.
  • Scalability: Designing the solution to accommodate TBEA's growing needs and future expansion.

Technology Used

The intranet solution was developed using a combination of modern technologies to ensure robustness and scalability

  • ASP.NET Core
  • Xamarin Forms
  • ReactJS
  • jQuery


  • Comprehensive Module Development: Each module was meticulously designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of TBEA's operations.
  • Integration Capabilities: The intranet solution was seamlessly integrated with TBEA's existing systems, ensuring smooth data flow and communication.
  • Scalable Architecture: The use of modern technologies and best practices ensured that the intranet solution could easily scale to meet TBEA's evolving needs.


The intranet solution developed for TBEA has significantly improved the efficiency of internal processes, streamlined communication, and provided employees with a user-friendly platform to access essential tools and information. The comprehensive modules and workflows, coupled with the use of modern technologies, have transformed TBEA's intranet into a powerful asset that supports its day-to-day operations and future growth.